Android app Market finds FTP and Cloud Storage Too through X-plore

Android App Market is seeing a major change with new FTP and Cloud storage features that is being provided through the X-Plore and is quite awesome. You can have all the files being stored on the internal memory and this can be done using the X-plore on tablet as well smartphone. Suppose you have the microSD memory card then in that case you can use the X-plore for navigating through the files that are being stored here and there. You can move them back and forth as well as per your will. However, the biggest thing is certainly that you do have much more facilities with the X-plore. You can pre-configure the X-plore so that it can work with the Picasa Photo album as well. You need to register your Google account with your device and only then, you will get access.
When you will tap on the web storage then you get an option that shows up in order to add the web storage server. You have so many options with you certainly and that is good for Android App Market as now your apps do have better file manager. The biggest advantage is certainly you do have some of the most popular cloud services as well. Some of these cloud services that you can make use of are the Dropbox, Box, SugarSync as well as Google drive and SkyDrive. Suppose you have the Dropbox app installed on the device then in that case, your work become easier.
You just need to tap on the Dropbox taking it as server that you want and then you need to show your agreement to the X-plore permissions as this particular window come out on the screen or pops out. You might be using the Dropbox app itself for moving file here and there but you certainly will find the dual-pane to be great and that is going to make your job much easier as well as you will work faster. It is awesome for Android App Market.
However, you are going to find many more facilities as well and that will prove that X-plore is the best File Manager right now. It does work fine with the FTP, SMB as well as the SQLite. You will find it to be quite handy for all the people who want to store the files on some of their own servers. This means that you will be able to easily as well as quickly move the files back and forth. You are being served with same kind of functions as if image thumbnail as well as you can create the zip files as well. This is quite similar to what you do with each of the locally stored files. It is also quite correct for accessing shared folders over your LAN as well.
In fact, you can configure this with various apps and that is great for the Android App market certainly. However, this is certainly not going to be the prettiest app for your Android app Market, as you are not going to get the flashy icons. However, you are going to find that the job done by the X-plore is just incredible and you are able to manage the files on the Android in the same way as we do on your desktops. You can find the X-plore free of cost in the Google Play store and it is good for those who want to have better file access on their Android devices. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm, contact them on their website.