App Developer in London: Planning, Coding and First-Class Design

We are a London digital agency specializing in software development and integration solutions. Our team is more than 100 professionals with professional programming, programming, IT architecture, UI and UX talented and experienced.

We focus on creating custom IT solutions for companies in different industries around the world. Our experts produce interesting integrated programs as well as fabulous mobile and web apps that can improve performance and boost growth. We create websites and databases that will increase your business value and inspire the envy of your competitors.

A good developer is your winning ticket

Many London entrepreneurs tend to believe that the huge budget and numerous development teams will ensure the prosperity of the online concept. However, to ensure that all content is operated in accordance with the principles, ensuring that you choose the right developers is essential. Just think about the product you get - the product has all the features identified in the contract. You release absolutely new apps, and everyone should understand that they now need it a lot. Reasonable developers know how to make the final product in the shortest possible time to repay.

How to choose the App Developer in London

You have a good idea that needs to be shaped into a complex business system, mobile app or game. This can help your business improve workflow or attract new customers and increase revenue. You set the budget, select the platform, and select the software developer.

The mobile app development market is the universe, which includes all types of studios from three very talented institutions, three to large entities. A single Android developer and a company that produces hundreds of iOS programs that will have absolutely different levels of core skills and abilities. When you want to quit, it is vital to find out that the development organization is 100% fit for your fundamental determination.

Check the portfolio.

This is the default program, and most developers in London will showcase their software portfolio on their website. It should be borne in mind that app building - the ability itself, can be precisely developed in the development of specific departments (eg health care or games). Make sure the developer is focused on your industry.


If swimming is a little far, you can always contact the studio where the product was developed and investigate their experiences. If the developer is trusted by the customer of a particular industry, this is a popular sign.

Check out your store comments.

First, it may not be obvious, but you can always read user reviews of the app posted in the store to see what people think about your work. Only you remember a negative prejudice: people have more incentive to write an overview when they do not like something, and not like that. If the application has tens of thousands of active users, one hundred bad comments will not be so bad.

Questions to app builder

Platform initially developed? Can you develop cross-platform applications?

You should, from the outset, clearly analyze these things: the selected studio in London that the equipment can develop software? Whether they focus on iOS, Android or cross platform. How to transition the app from one platform to another? If the app is connected to the site, will the site be optimized for the phone? From the demographic point of view and from the point of view of your favorite equipment, you should keep in mind how many people your audience is.

Do you cover all stages of the development cycle?

Some London studios provide only one user interface or user experience design. Others are being developed and coded, but support for late startup is considered an additional cost. If your program requires a backend (server and software), not all developers will be included in the service. It depends to a large extent on the type of program you are developing, but make sure the company covers all stages of the development cycle or specifies which services are seamlessly integrated with the services they provide.

How does my app make money?

It should be part of the business plan and the subject of the dialogue with the chosen developer. Will your product be monetized by advertising? If so, it should be optimized for this purpose. If the application is a display room, or just a link to your site, how will the user return after the first visit or the first transaction? This is a type of conversation, you should keep the same view with the app developer and make sure that you are absolutely on the same page. This is also one of the first questions, a serious software developer in London will ask you.

How do I communicate during the development process?

Development of the key role of the customer cycle process how to do. The best London studios get their transparency through fixed (and sometimes daily) updates. Identify the interactive model in which the developer has detailed exposure.

What tests do you do?

The test question is the most important issue to discuss: these are essential elements, it is an indispensable reduction process that turns the optimized program solution into a good idea. Ask the developers what test methods they use and how they can help improve the product.

Do you post to stores?

If you are intuitive of what you are doing, publishing the application is not scary. Only signed programmers can provide apps to Apple iTunes stores and have strict instructions on what can be published. Android's suggestions are more relaxed, but they also need to sign in. Some of the IT companies in London are also offering, others not - make sure your launching program is included in the price you paid for.

What technology are you using?

In the world of programming great things apps, always concerned about the latest trends and the production cycle to achieve new features, whether development tools or innovative ideas. If you want your program to be the perfect tool for people who use it, ask the developer which ideas or techniques to use. For example, our developers in London always monitor the latest digital market quotes and see the development process as a combination of solid experiences and vivid experiments. Thanks for this practice, we have created unforgettable applications.

Do you provide post-launch support?

The development of the design process is one thing, but once the entry into force to support and release the product, is another pair of shoes. When a user estimates an app, someone may have to run a number of programs, from updates to calculations, such as receiving more loyal customers, and ultimately improving. Some apps do not need this, but most apps, not all London studios offer this support. If you choose our agent from London, you will be throughout the app throughout the life cycle for support and general maintenance.

Why choose our developers in London

Our team of application developers in central London will be in business for almost a decade to produce unsurpassed mobile apps and iOS. Over the years, our developers have gained a reputation as a technical hand to create secure, high-quality and cost-effective software on both platforms. We bring our experience from the start of brainstorming to full post-launch support, bringing our experience to every stage of the project, so from the outset we help plan the plan to provide you with the highest financial gain and the highest user privileged.

Technical Skills

Our developers use all major programming languages ​​and platforms including PHP, Java, HTML, Ruby on Rails, Python and so on. Our network design company in London has open source and design tools for large scale commercial development. We can integrate apps with multiple web services and app interfaces. You can trust our experts if you want the latest innovations based on the latest innovations:

  • Advanced Technologies

Our London web development team uses the javascript backbone.js and the node.js library; We have extensive experience in programming apps such as Grails, Scala / Play, Memcached and Nginx.

  • Hosting

Many of the products we develop require difficult hosting solutions - we can use Amazon's Web services or distributed hosting services, such as cloud platforms to build and manage complex infrastructures;

  • Clouds

Our London designers and developers will also use the Google Cloud Platform for some of our projects to provide efficient work for your company at any time; All our members use modern technology to provide advanced digital solutions.

How can we help you?

Repair and support

Our London app design firm establishes long-term relationships with each customer and sees it as a business partner. We fully understand that the software we create is critical to the success of your business. We are accustomed to working with clients from different time zones and industries. In recent years, we've never had legal problems. Of course, we always provide a formal agreement to sign a level of service to avoid any misunderstanding. But once you start working with us, you will not see need. Then you will understand that we are a reliable partner, for the success of the project, they are incomparable. We are ready to provide you with all the administrative documents and other official documents you may require.

  • Develop a local network or product ordered from scratch
  • Updating, supporting, and integrating existing apps and software created on a computer or database
  • Optimize existing online decisions and use modern technology to improve security and efficiency
  • Integrate programs and tools into a unique program environment and process workflows or paper or manually create digital solutions

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Our pilot app development company can help you, even if you are ignorant of IT, or you want to attract new life in existing Web solutions, for example, combine it with modern Web services or optimize the Mobile App.

We'll find the relevant decisions, estimate costs, and provide support for your project to prove our skills. We can create custom software products or develop a local mobile app - the real professional is not at all impossible. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your design ideas, please feel free to contact us.