Introduction to Apple App Development from a Professional Team

Several years ago, Apple authorized everyone who wants to develop an iOS app but can not afford the full subscription rate of the iOS development program, to test mobile software for free with a personal device. In order to make iOS development more available to more users, Apple invites new development experts to participate in the expansion of the mobile market, so our iPhone development team expert from our digital agency has prepared this guide.

About the Program for iOS Developers

Since the launch of Apple's iOS program, until 2015, mobile development experts had to pay a fee of $ 99 per year to have the opportunity to test their app on smartphones and tablets. Today, anyone who wants to create an iOS application can download the Xcode integrated development environment, start creating applications and test it with devices for free. This movement was a great move of Apple. I abandoned the old policy and gave students and fans the opportunity to spend a handful of prizes using rich development tools.

Main Application Markets

It is clear that Apple, Google, and Microsoft are leading wars to attract new development experts to the mobile platform. As an example, to have the opportunity to publish an app in Google Play Store, the list of development specifications must pay a fee of $ 25 and the ability to run the app on Android devices long before iOS is enabled. There was. On the other hand, Windows Store is free for all who want to publish an app.

Free and Paid Members

At the same time, since OS X and iOS developer programs are now available for a subscription, you can create and distribute applications for OS X, iOS, and WatchOS if you pay a $ 99 fee. On the other hand, if you do not intend to distribute through the APp store, simply develop the app using the official Apple tool, you can access the set of tools for free. Paid subscriptions have advantages, such as performing beta tests with TestFlight, accessing beta versions of various versions of the iOS operating system, publishing applications in the App Store and making them available to the public.

Microsoft Applications

To attract more development experts, Microsoft released an update for the mobile operating system. The development of iOS and Android allows you to transfer the app to the Windows phone. At the same time, the Windows universal app platform allows you to create a single program that can run on all Windows devices, such as desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and laptops. It is the user interface that must be adjusted for different screen sizes. As you can see, iOS finally opened a set of tools to humiliate the development maniacs and improve competitiveness compared to competitors like Android and Microsoft.

How do I Register a Free Account?

If you have an idea to pay $ 99 per year to be a member of an Apple program, you have the alternative option of creating a free Apple ID and having access to a limited number of Apple development tools. To tell the truth, the free development account is not an account in its full sense: Apple has Xcode tools, development forums, beta versions and other privileges, even if it has an Apple ID. The most important feature is that the owner of the Apple ID can implement the app on personal devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV as part of the trial program of the free app.

Step by Step Tutorial

Our iOS designer has created a small tutorial on how to register a free account and use Xcode.

  • Step 1: create a free Apple ID. If the ID is already registered, go to step 2.
  • Step 2: Log in to the Apple Developer Member Center with your Apple ID to get access to a limited set of tools. Read the first form, accept the terms and check the box.
  • lStep 3: Start Xcode, go to "Preferences", then "Accounts".
  • Step 4: Click on the "+" sign in the lower left corner, select "Add ID", enter the Apple ID and log in.

Now you can Use Xcode

Congratulations! Now you can login with your ID and use Xcode for free and implement and test the app on your iOS device. If you want to access more advanced Xcode features later, you can join the paid membership. Also try a new beta version of the Apple operating system.

We create a table of available functions for different levels of developer membership.

Apple ID (free):

  • Beta version of Xcode
  • Xcode tool
  • Development forum
  • Error Reporter
  • Test the device

Apple Developer Individual Account ($ 99):

  • Beta OS version
  • Advanced functions of the app
  • Distribution of the App Store
  • Safari extension
  • Developer ID
  • Technical support incident
  • TestFlight beta test
  • Analysis

Apple developer account of the organization ($ 99):

  • Direction team
  • Business Program ($ 299):
  • Delivery of internal applications
  • Use the free ID with the Apple ID or subscribe to the full Apple Developer Program at a price of $ 99 per year

How to Select the Developer of the iOS App

But, what happens if you do not know anything about Apple's development and do not have time to learn it? Well, your choice is obvious. It's hiring a third-party software design company.

To help you with your work, our business development specialist not only offers you digital products, but also ten tips on how to choose the best experts in mobile applications that will add value to your business.

What Type of App is Required?

The choice of the right developer depends on your requirements and needs. Each developer has a restricted tool set and definite level of expertise. What is more, you should understand, who much time it will take to build an app. That’s why it is important to decide in advance what application you need.

  • Basic function app. Simple applications usually consist of drop-down menus and are built with design templates. The average time required to create such an app is 100 hours.
  • App with database integration. app that uses the backend as a service model (BaaS) and stores data in the server and the database. Creating an app of this type takes around 190 hours.
  • Custom business app. A program created to meet the specific needs and requirements of the company that uses the data stored in the device. 230 hours is an approximate time to develop a business solution.
  • Mobile game. A mobile game compatible with simple and multiplayer mode. The time to create such an app starts at 500 hours.

Are you Looking for a Perfect Programmer?

Do not look at the cost, as you can select the cheapest digital agency in emerging countries, but the final results will almost not meet your expectations. Your main objective is to create high quality applications that add value and do not save money. Therefore, the price is not one of the main factors to consider.

Check the Portfolio

Ask the candidate where to find the case study of the project he is working on.

Look for Customer Reference

Instead of relying solely on the portfolio, a designer who is making a mistake can claim to have created several projects seriously. Ask the candidate to tell me a list of clients who can contact him.

Find a Team that has Experience in your Commercial Field

If the team members have past experience and are truly successful, they can make a valuable contribution to your business.


This does not mean clearly discarding a less experienced digital company, but the skill set is always important. Another important thing is how long the development company exists. It takes time to work together as an app design team.

Keep in Mind that to Build a Long-Term Partnership

Spend a lot of time with the design team and you need to discuss and improve the project.

Make sure that the specification of the software requirements is described correctly. Candidates who collaborate must carefully plan your app and create comprehensive requirements.

Choose a company that offers the full range of services: I do not know what services are needed in the long term.

Focus on Design

Mobile applications that look good and provide a good user experience always outperform sales in complex high-tech applications.

Pay attention to the reputation of the digital agency. One of the main problems is a designer who can not provide the requested product.

How to Aelect the Developer of the iOS App

We are convinced that these ten recommendations will help create a superior mobile app and find a perfect developer to be a long-term business partner for the company. After all, the process of choosing a development company is very important. After all, to get the future of your business, you must be sure that you will not be disappointed.

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