Main Compounds of the Outsourcing App Development Cost

What is the real outsourcing app development cost? Taking into account numerous companies in which you can outsource, you may be surprised at how different the rates and estimations are. Let us offer you a complete overview of outsourcing development, range of services and costs.

What does the price of an app depend on?

Each project is unique and should be discovered and estimated individually. The customized app adapts to your needs and requirements. The architecture of the program, the platform and the functionality are the most fundamental components of the final app cost. At the end of the day, the price ranges from £ 10,000 to million pounds. You can also try offshoring for prices like £ 3,000, but do you think you'll have an app that meets your needs?

Approximate Estimation of the Development Cost

Mobile and web application development is a critical mission for businesses that strive for growth, active involvement of their customers, and optimisation to achieve greater productivity and efficiency. Custom app development services can not be estimated with a fixed price; Its cost depends on a variety of factors, such as

  • Platform or selected operating systems;
  • Complexity;
  • Integrated functionality;
  • Interactivity design;
  • Quality of the code;
  • Mobile-friendly;
  • Rates per hour of the developers.

General subcontracting costs and internal equipment

As an entrepreneur who must guess the future to succeed, you may believe that in the long term prospects hiring an internal team of developers will be a better choice than outsourcing, especially if you are a large corporation established with a protracted project. Here is the comparison of these two opportunities.

Office and administrative expenses

The first benefit of outsourcing compared to hiring an internal team is the that there is no need to provide the development staff with a workspace, hardware and other equipment. While finding space and equipment is not the end of the problem. Project management also requires additional expenses that include the cost of furniture, equipment maintenance, stationery and much more. But what adds an even greater additional cost is the hiring of a qualified specialist that will be in charge of the IT department.

Training courses

IT is a sphere in dynamic development. To keep in step with all trends and IT trends, learn new languages ​​and the latest techs, developers and designers must visit different courses, meetings, conferences, webinars, read specialized literature that involves additional costs. In other words, unlike what happens with the outsourced company, you must constantly invest in the knowledge and experience of your internal team.


When you outsource a project, you hire several experts under a short-term agreement; You pay for only for what you need and when you need. You can extend the collaboration with the outsourcing service provider, paying only for a task that the subcontracted development team achieves. By creating an internal team, you start long-term relationships with full-time employees who require regular salary and benefit payments, such as sick leave, medical and dental insurance, paid vacations, and others throughout the year. Therefore, in the long term, the hiring of an internal team can have a prohibitive cost.

Finally, finding all the equipment versed in the different technologies you may need for your project can be a time-consuming task. The outsourcing teams have already done that for you.

What is the difference between outsourcing and offshoring?

  • Outsourcing abroad means using local external companies for specific internal commercial processes or services. Such a business model helps client companies reduce internal infrastructure and personnel and the associated costs. IT service providers exist in the same country. For example, if a UK company outsources an IT company in the United Kingdom, it will be outsourcing ashore.
  • External outsourcing is the process of looking for service providers in different countries and looking for service providers in other continents. For example, if a UK company employs a Russian software company at a low cost and a service provider provides services from a remote location, it is a commercial model of external subcontracting. It is used to think that North American companies are the largest subcontractor abroad for Asian IT companies such as India and Indonesia.

Offshore services outsourcing risks

In general, small businesses send development abroad to reduce costs. The low cost of developing outsourced applications is due to low labor costs. So why pay local developers billions of pounds or more for work that can triple in other countries? Well, the answer is simple: you get what you paid for. If you need an effective high performance app, you should think twice before hiring a developer at £ 20 per hour. For the development of outsourcing applications abroad, there are some risks that you must know before starting the collaboration with the offshore services outsourcing software development company.

Cultural barrier

At first glance, this does not seem like a big problem, but it is. Besides that, the foreign way of operating the business is different. The cultural standards of aesthetics are also different. I need time to understand myself, explain the project and clarify what is necessary in the end. And the time you use for these explanations will cost you a lot in spite of the low hourly rate. Choosing a company that uses Scrum guarantees transparency in the development of applications and allows you to better manage processes even in external outsourcing.

Misunderstanding due to the long distance

The other risk you have is the possibility that you will not get the desired result at the end. It is difficult to explain your idea to the person in front of you. Therefore, developers often use agile methods that require their regular participation and feedback. In the case of outsourcing abroad, there are no opportunities to tell thousands of miles to your unknown person and to meet this person when you need it. Under such circumstances, the risk of the cost not rising is high. Leaving is hiring a company with a local agent.

Cost and quality

One hour 20 pounds is an attractive price, is it effective? The average cost of developing the app to ensure superior quality is a minimum of 40 to 70 pounds per hour. Low cost guarantees low quality. Speaking about the development of applications, those savings will hit you in the pocket in the long run. Instead of letting the app have numerous errors that make it much easier to redo the development of the app from the beginning, it is better to increase the initial cost of good quality. To choose the development of outsourcing applications, have a quality control department or hire a local IT expert to help you decide if the product is well designed.

Outsourcing App Development Service

Collaboration with the development companies will be more profitable, even for IT companies outsourced onshore or offshore, and we can offer high quality applications adapted to the needs of your business. Solid data processing of mobile or web applications will help improve productivity and improve customer relationships.

Our software development agency specializes in coordinating projects that match your exact needs. We have a complete team of specialized developers and designers who can offer sophisticated and sophisticated mobile applications.

Mobile app development

We will speak in simple English to explain the opportunities. Any idea, no matter how difficult it may be, can come alive with a relatively low bed. We take advantage of all the advantages of the operating system and devices, and create native applications on all major platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Our app designers are creating an intuitive and attractive design that ensures customer retention, taking into account the specifications and individual functions of the operating system. Also pay special attention to the safety of the app as one of the qualitative characteristics of the product.

Web app development

Companies and emerging companies need efficient tools to manage their businesses. Optimize and automate internal processes that require a lot of time, provide excellent web applications that can improve the storage and processing of data, improve internal and external communication with internal staff. The members of the internal team have experience both in the front-end and in the back-end, familiar with all web technologies, such as PHP, ASP.NET, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, etc.

Agile development process

Our outsourcing app development company establishes the development process of agile development based on the Scrum method. This methodology means an iterative cycle of relief of the result called sprint. All the sprints provide their comments so that the development is as transparent as possible and at a lower cost. We do not imagine you as an app. We will deliver a work program with a central function called MVP (minimum executable product), so decide how you want to work and improve, the function you should add and the direction the developer should follow. You can A project manager dedicated to your development case will help you ensure that you always know what is happening with expert advice.

Quality Assurance Division

Not all outsourced development companies have quality control experts, but we have all the quality control departments with experts from different IT fields that guarantee the high quality of their products. From the conceptual stage, these people try to predict what problems and errors will occur during the development of their app. Therefore, our software products stand out from other applications. We will not try to eliminate errors with additional coding to make your applications clumsy and not get amazing results that exceed your expectations. The initial cost of QA greatly reduces the cost of improving the app. In terms of quality, we have no comparison.

How much does the app cost?

Unlike other projects for all projects, there is no fixed price for all applications. The average cost of the app we develop is around 30,000 to 40,000 pounds, which always depends on your app. You can easily find out the real cost of outsourcing app development for your business and talk about your project.

Do not hesitate to call us!

Our representatives will indicate the identification of the function and the approximate cost of your business app. And we can guarantee that our quality justifies the cost. Let's start with a friendly conversation. We can create a wonderful project collaboratively.