Recent Web Projects



A training platform for aircraft behaviour simulation and visualisation

A private air school aimed at developing an interactive platform for pilot training courses to create better conditions for acquiring operational skills reducing the risks and costs related to the flight activity. We built a web-based portal which provides full-cycle training support and flight simulation at all operational stages. The developed program represent a web platform that provides users with a set of instruments for activity tracking, study progress evaluation, behavioral visualisation and others which help to train future pilots. We utilised the latest technologies in object modeling and visualisation to reproduce aircraft behaviour.



A collaboration tool for secure documents and content management

Our customer came up to us with an idea to build an advanced web portal for mission-critical documentation management. This web tool was aimed at uniting all the technical documentation with an ability to update the information according to the current state. As for our customer it is important to be aware of real-time data and keep the employees informed the problem was that company has several offices all over the UK. Our solution helps to guarantee the operational integrity of the production and adhere to the latest updates and documents versions.


Parcel Track

A shipment tracking system for non-UK customers to confirm orders and track parcels

Our task was to build a web system that will support secure end-to-end transactions with PayPal payment processing and FedEx tracking system. Our team approached this task with creative thinking and also enable messaging module for stable communication between service managers and buyers and automated invoicing with PDF generation. This web platform strives to make cross-platform commerce cheaper, easier, and more secure. The system lets UK-based online stores with limited delivery possibilities to go worldwide and meet the expectations of the global audience.



A property hunting web application for students

The client approached our company to build an apartment searching web portal for students where they could easily find flat not far from their college. The app is based on Google Maps API integration which is familiar to a majority of the site visitors. Search engine lets filter the variants according to the housing metrics. The system is written in HTML5, JS, and MS SQL database with the components linked via Ajax requests. The app makes apartment search more rapid and convenient with search criteria.



A web solution for audience preferences analysis

A broadcasting company wanted to develop an effective software solution that could help them analyse audience preferences so that they could better manage channel programs and TV-advertising. We built an audience management solution that collects and visualises the statistics on the audience reach and TV programs popularity. For richer visualisation functionality, we utilised D3.js data visualisation library, HTML, SVG, and CSS. The system performs analytical operations on the client-side in the form of interactive charts and graphs.



A website for a decorative services provider

Our team worked with interior and exterior designers who wanted to go online, attract new customers, and boost their sales with a top-notch website that can operate online shopping and simplifies the transaction processes. The site has three types of users which include Administrator, Unauthorised and Authorised users. An administrator can edit the content, manage email, products, orders, and shop information. Unauthorised users are limited to viewing functionality, while authorised ones can also make offers and orders