X-plore Dual Pane File Manager for Android app Market

If you talk to some of the people then you will find yourself in the post PC era. However, it is false. We are now using the personal computer in different forms. We do have the smart phones and that goes inside the pocket. We do have the tablet as well and that is just like the personal computers as we have in the form of desktop PC. We certainly need a file manager for our tablet and Smartphone and we have to deal with different files. File manager is necessary. If you have, the Google Android installed then in that case, you are certainly being provided with the file manager. However, you need the better file manager and X-plore File Manager is one of the best from Lonely Cat Games and this one is more robust as well as it gives the feel as well as look of moving files that we get on the computer. These features are excellent for Android app Market.
There are so many features with this File Manager and in fact, the biggest feature with the X-plore is certainly the dual pane File Manager. You will find that, this certainly quite awesome for Google app market as now you can make better Google apps for Android app Market. You can now quite easily navigate through the files for the source as well as for the destination. You can remember, how you open the dual windows on the computer as well as just drag the file and drop on another. The drag and drop feature is certainly with you and now you can do this on the mobile as well. This is quite great. However, there is a bit difference with multi selection “tick boxes,” that you need to choose the files and then you can tap over the copy as well as move the icons according to the rules.
The best part is that you do have the tree style view as the full path is being shown. You do have a folder in your Android phone, which you call work and inside that are the Project folder and under that it is the TPS project. Now you can drill down over this hierarchical file system as you do on the normal window PC. This is just awesome.
However, you do not get the file name. In case of picture files, you might get the thumbnail. After that, you can view the image and then complete with the ability to slide as well as zoom and you will not have to leave the app meanwhile. You will find the built in viewer that are available for text files, audio files as well as video files. If you wish then you can certainly have a view of the APK files in the form of ZIP and you will find some hidden files out here as well. There are number of options for you and you can tap and hold number of files. Some of the other functions are renaming, copying, moving, deleting. However, it is also possible to create the ZIP files as well and much more. This is certainly a new charm for Android app Market and this File Manager is becoming more popular.
There might be a problem using these features on smart phones but for Tablet, these features are just awesome. This file manager works well with the FTP as well as the cloud storage and you can see all the files being stored in the internal memory as well of the Android Smartphone as well as Tablet through X-plore. It is great for Android app Market certainly. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm, contact them on their website.
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